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Attract Of Legends

Attract of legend story revolves around 21 heroes. Each hero has a unique story and a path to be paved to reach the final battle. The main hero; the founder of the Epic Battle, who sends invitations to the 21 heroes to compete with each other, and each invitation contains a unique path, difficulties, challenges, and a mystery. Every path has a unique characteristic in it. The main reason the Epic Battle exist; is the existence of a dark world that was created by the wicked, Infesting large parts of the globe and turning it into a dark areas where light can no longer be seen and no longer can be entered easily; because of the barriers presence and a large corrupted army. The corrupted areas contain more than half of the resources in the earth, which led people to being enslaved to work for them for a little food, water, and other resources…. etc. The main hero and the founder of this Epic Battle, who is a dissident from the wicked who came from the dark areas and his goal is to liberate these areas, and the way to liberate the dark areas is by forming a great army to conquer these areas. The formation of this great army will require a great leader who can lead the army toward this goal. The great leader of this great army will be the winner of the Epic Battle. Every path the heroes will be following provide chance to form relationships, comrades and followers and will also help the hero to acquire a part of an Artifact, when all the 21 heroes meet in the Epic Battle all the 21 parts of the Artifact will be combined into the Mythical Artifact that will provide a mythical powers to it is holder. The Mythical Artifact will be the ultimate reward to victor of the Epic Battle.